Financial Information
Application Fee $25.00 non-refundable
Registration Fee $175.00 per child or
$225.00 maximum per family
Resource Fee $100.00 art, lab, and tech
Book Fee $75.00(Preschool)
$150.00 (K – 6th grade)
$300.00 (7th – 12th grade)

• It is the desire of Candies Creek Academy to be faithful stewards of the money brought in through fees, tuition and gifts and to use it responsibly for teacher/faculty compensation and school resources. It is therefore very important that all fees and tuition be paid promptly.



• Candies Creek Baptist Church has determined that Candies Creek Academy will be a ministry of the church, not a separate entity. Therefore, a portion of the annual costs of operating the school will be provided through church funds. In effect, that means that every student is receiving some financial assistance applied toward tuition.

• Discounts are given for each student subsequent to the first child enrolled. The first student’s tuition will be $4375 per year, each additional child will be $3875 per year.

• Application fees are due when applying; Registration fee is due at time of registration; Resource and book fees are due each year by July 1st so that items can be ordered for the start of the school year.

• Tuition will be due in ten equal monthly installments beginning August 5th thru May 5th.

• Or an annual payment will be due August 1st.

• Or bi-annual payments due Aug 5th & Dec 5th.

Click here to download a pdf of the Financial Agreement