1 Corinthians 14

 In this chapter, Paul continues his emphasis on love and returns to the topic of spiritual gifts. Near the end of the chapter, Paul gives instructions on orderly worship.

v1-12 – Love is superior to the gift of prophecy (ch 13 & v1), and prophecy is superior to tongues (v5).

v13-19 – Understood speech is what builds up and instructs those who hear. Unintelligible speech does neither.

v20-25 – Unintelligible speech by the church will cause unbelievers to conclude you are crazy unless they hear the Gospel in their own language. Thus the need for an interpreter (v5, 27) or evidence of the Spirit causing unbelievers to hear in their language as in Acts 2.

v26-35 – Paul outlines how worship is to be conducted in regards to the gift of tongues, who and how many may speak, and the responsibility of those who hear.

v36-40 – Desire prophecy and do not forbid the legitimate use of tongues. In conclusion, the worship of God and the use of spiritual gifts are to be done with decency and order.