About Candies Creek Academy

Candies Creek Academy is a Preschool (ages 3 – 4)  through 12th grade Classical Christian School. CCA is a ministry of Candies Creek Baptist Church and opened in August of 2014 under the leadership and guidance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Candies Creek Academy shall forge individuals who embrace their royal identity in Christ so they will fulfill their God-given purpose to glorify and proclaim His excellencies among the nations.


The mission of Candies Creek Academy is to partner with parents to equip, model, and mobilize students to be effective disciples through Christ-centered education with academic excellence.


• To impart to students a Christian worldview, by teaching all subjects as parts of an integrated whole, unified by the Word of God.

• To encourage every student to honor, glorify and enjoy God in all they do, to develop a love for life-long learning, and to strive for excellence in all endeavors, as his or her gifts allow.

• To follow a classical model of instruction by emphasizing grammar, logic and rhetoric in all instruction.

• To cultivate in our parents a sense of responsibility for their child’s education and sense of ownership in the mission and vision of Candies Creek Academy.

• To embrace and cultivate Biblical principles concerning family, parenting, manhood, womanhood and relational purity in every aspect of our school culture.

• To present exemplary role models through our staff and board of all the virtues, beliefs and behaviors we desire in our students.

• To provide an orderly and engaging atmosphere conducive to the attaining of these goals.

Candies Creek Academy
School Board members

Mr. Stan Gibson, Lead Pastor, CCBC
Mrs. Christy Johns, Preschool and Children’s Director, CCBC
Mr. Jonathan Kyle, Student Pastor, CCBC