We believe that the use of a uniform dress code contributes to a positive discipline environment, and removes one of the peer pressure factors often used to create envy, jealousy, and negative competition among students in the school. A dress code also sends a signal to a student that going to school is a time for hard work and studious activity. Dress codes also eliminate any confusion about what is acceptable, modest and appropriate attire for attending school. Dress codes also tend to decrease the cost of student clothing. Often parents need only purchase two or three sets of clothes to last throughout the school year and often these items can be handed down to other siblings or children.


The dress code for male and female students is:

khaki pants or knee-length shorts for boys in tan, navy, black, or brown

khaki pants, knee-length shorts for girls in tan, navy, black, or brown

Collared and solid-colored “polo” style shirts, both short and long-sleeved

• During winter months, solid-colored sweaters or sweatshirts over top of their collared, solid-colored polo shirts

Occasionally the Academy Administrator can declare a “Jeans” Day.

For more information about the Dress Code and other policies, refer to the CCA Student Handbook

Click here to download Student Handbook


Students may bring their lunches every day and are offered hot lunch from a local restaurant (Chick-fil-A, Dominos, Buddy’s Bar-B-Q, Fazzolis etc.) on Wednesdays and Fridays.