1 Corinthians 7

The Corinthians were confused about marriage, singleness, divorce, and sex, and this chapter gives guidance and direction for each. Today many Americans are confused about the same topics.


v1-5 – In v. 1, Paul repeats a slogan the Corinthians sought to apply. Apparently, some Corinthians viewed a sexless marriage as spiritual. Some even sought divorce to become spiritual by not having sex. Paul states sex is good and even essential in biblical marriage.


v6-9 – Paul views singleness as a good gift with abstinence.


v9-16 – Those who are married are to remain married and not to initiate divorce if an unbelieving spouse consents to remain.


v17-27 – As a general rule, be content to live in the station of life in which God has called you unless providence moves you.


v28-40 – Marriage is not a sin but brings increased worldly anxieties and divided interests. Therefore singleness can have advantages as it pertains to devoted service to the Lord.