Sept. 7, 2022
   2 Corinthians 11
   v1-6 – Paul is concerned the Corinthians are being deceived by the self-proclaimed “super-apostles” to follow “another Jesus,” receive a “different spirit,” and accept a “different gospel.”
v7-15 – Paul’s ministry is above board in regards to the accepting and using of ministry funds. He did not even accept funds from the Corinthians. It was other churches that supported him in serving the Corinthians. Yet, these super-apostles are claiming to do and act as Paul, and his teams have done. Paul explains, that they are false apostles, deceitful workmen, and disguised as servants of righteousness.
v16-21 – Paul addresses the Corinthians with biting sarcasm as they have followed these false apostles’ claims who are boasting in the flesh. They accused Paul’s legitimacy as an apostle based on his trials and sufferings.
v22-30 – Paul goes on to boast about his societal pedigree, which means nothing concerning being a servant of Christ. He then launches into a list of trials, hardships, and sufferings, indicating his devotion to Christ, the gospel, planted churches, and genuine love for believers and unbelievers. If the Corinthians and his accusers regard him as weak in the faith because of his sufferings, then to Paul, this will be his boasting.