September 8, 2022

   2 Corinthians 12

   v1-6 Paul continues boasting in the flesh as his opponents have done, who have influenced part of the Corinthian church. He is doing this to show the Corinthian church the foolishness of boasting. The only thing Paul deems worthy of boasting about is his weaknesses. 

v7-10 Paul then introduces his “thorn in the flesh,” which he describes as a special weakness causing him to have a greater dependence on Christ; therefore, any successes are clearly seen and attributed to Christ’s power rather than his own. 

v11-13 Paul challenges the Corinthian’s belief that he is inferior to the “super-apostles.” He reminds them it was through him that signs, wonders, and mighty works were done, which are signs of a true apostle.

v14-21 Paul tells them his love for them is greater than these “super apostles.” Paul tells them his “defense” was not for him to be puffed up and demand respect from them. His desire was for the Corinthians to be built up. When he arrives for the third time, Paul fears that he will not find the Corinthian at peace and growing in grace but instead entangled by sin.