August 25, 2022

 v1-4 Paul continues explaining why his plans changed in coming to visit the Corinthians. It was not because he was looking out for himself or had some lack of character, but rather it was to prevent them from pain. In fact, Paul accepted the pain of heartbreak with tears out of an abundant love for the Corinthians.

v5-11 In 1 Corinthians, Paul gave rebuked the church for not dealing with sin within and gave them instructions on how to treat the open and celebrated sin with one man (1 Cor. 5). Now, Paul gives them instructions to forgive and how to restore the man because repentance has taken place. 

v12-13 Open doors in ministry or other endeavors does not automatically translate to internal peace.

v14-16 With humility, Paul praises God and recognizes following Christ produces a spiritual fragrance that spreads the knowledge about Christ everywhere. For some, a fragrance of life, and for others a fragrance of death. 

v17 There are those who preach for earthly profit but Paul and his companions do so out of obedience, sincerity, and love.