August 25, 2022
2 Corinthians 3
   v1-3 – Paul’s critics inside the church at Corinth were questioning Paul’s credentials. Paul responds by stating the very existence of the Corinthian church is his letter of recommendation written by the Spirit of the living God.
v4-6 – Paul calling, credentials, and confidence does not come from his strength, wisdom, intellect, or eloquence but from the sufficiency of God.
v7-11 Paul compares the Old Covenant (the ministry of death, the ministry of condemnation) and the New Covenant (the ministry of the Spirit, the ministry of righteousness), and both have glory. Still, the New is greater than the Old.
v12-18 The Old covenant, which Moses championed, had no internal transforming work of God. The New Covenant, however, is championed by the Spirit, who miraculously brings about an internal transforming work for believers by becoming more and more like Christ.