August 29, 2022

  2 Corinthians 5

  v1-5 Continuing with the idea of the temporary versus eternal. Chapter 5 describes the believer’s longing to be clothed by the eternal body rather than the earthly body. This longing and desire come from God, and he has given us the Spirit as a guarantee.

v6-10 Thus, believers can walk with courage and confidence, seeking to please God in life or death. The quality of each believer’s life will be examined at the judgment seat of Christ. 

v11-15 The unseen things are real. Therefore we seek to persuade people to fear the Lord. Christ died so people will not live for themselves but for Him.

v16-20 The work of God in conversion is internal and unseen. Paul patiently continues to make appeals for all men to be reconciled to God and not simply tally sins and hold it against them.

v21 This verse has been labeled “The Great Exchange,” For the one who was sinless, perfect, and altogether righteous willingly became sin and, in exchange, allowed sinners to become fully righteous.