Sept. 1, 2022
  2 Corinthians 7
  v1 This verse finishes the thought from the Old Testament quotes at the end of chapter 6 on purity, separation, and holiness for God’s children. Here we need to remember chapter division and verse numbers were not part of the original manuscripts but were added later to help find specific passages quicker and easier. Stephen Langton (1150-1228), the Archbishop of Canterbury, is credited with creating the chapter divisions. In 1448 a Jewish rabbi named Nathan was credited with giving the OT verse numbers. The NT was given verse numbers in 1555 by Robert Estienne (1503-1559), also called Stephanus.
v2-4 Despite the divisions and conflicts, Paul remains confident in the Corinthian church and is filled with joy about them. He encourages them to have the same confidence in him.
v5-7 Paul describes the continuous hardship his team endured to do gospel work. Then he writes about the positive report from Titus about the Corinthian church’s care and love for Paul.
v8-13 Here, Paul, for the second time, mentions his previous letter, known as the “severe letter,” which was not preserved. Paul describes the difficulty of writing and sending it to the Corinthian church, but because it accomplished a “godly grief” and genuine repentance, Paul rejoices and is comforted.
v14-16 Paul is relieved and rejoices after hearing the report from Titus, who has recently returned to Paul.