CCA is very affordable!

• CCA is a ministry of our church, Candies Creek Baptist. As a ministry we have available to us some of the most incredible resources; pastors and worship leaders, debt-free buildings, children’s playground and pavilion for gatherings, and outdoor space, but our greatest resource is people. As a ministry we have not only parents with children in the school, we have church leaders who are passionate about children and families as a whole.

• CCA wants to keep costs affordable so we have chosen a mid-range tuition. After researching private Christian schools in our county and even other states, we made a conscious decision to keep CCA a viable option to parents. Tuition can be paid in ten equal monthly installments beginning August 5th thru May 5th, or an annual payment due August 1st, or bi-annual payments due Aug 5th & Dec 5th.

• For families with two working parents, CCA has chosen to provide Before and After School Care. We don’t want scheduling and school hours to be a concern for your specific needs. Contact us for further information.

• Our teachers and faculty are considered ministry leaders and missionaries. Christian school teachers are by nature disciple-makers and have a spirit of cooperation and an attitude of service to others. We want to provide quality instruction and put as much of our budget towards teacher compensation as possible.

• We believe excellence through Classical Christian Education is affordable in that the method we have chosen is time-tested and curriculum and teacher materials are consistent. Our resource and book fees reflect those costs.