At Candies Creek Academy we incorporate Latin into our curriculum because Latin opens the door to…


The study of Latin decreases the effort needed in other subjects by as much as 50%. Latin is the foundational language of the sciences, logic, theology and law. It provides many root words for the modern sciences and is typically the base for technical terms and names needed in many professional careers such as law, ministry or medicine.


Having a grasp of Latin aids in learning other languages. After learning Latin any other language will be easier, but especially the Romance languages of Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. These languages derive more than 80% of words from Latin.


A student’s verbal, analytical and problem solving scores all increase after studying Latin. Latin students surpass the test scores of every other group year after year. Students who take 2 years of Latin score an average of 152 points higher on their SATs.


About 50 to 60% of all English words derive from Latin. 90% of English words with more than two syllables have a Latin root. By studying Latin prefixes and endings, as well as Latin roots, students are able to comprehend many English words they have never heard.